Should gay couples adopt children?

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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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Should gay couples adopt children?
Since 2009 the homosexual couples adopting children in Mexico City is allowed the population under the age of 35 is in favor of this decision, while the rejectionusually for religious reasons increases with age. This decision has obviously been rejected by the Catholic Church and unsuccessfully challenged by de PAN (Partido acción Nacional), this shows thatthere are very different opinions about this topic, and it’s hard to know who is right, but the truth is that the most affected ones will be the children involved on these situations.
This paper willshow why gay couples should not adopt children by explaining three points. First I will explain that the children´s primary role models are their parents, and they need both male and female. Secondlyhow their homosexuality might give them a distorted image about sexuality. And finally, how can this subject them to ridicule and violence endangering their psychological and physical well-being.
AsI have already mention children need both male and female, because they learn different things from each one and their natural development is given by both influences, consequently if they are raisedin a gay marriage they might not have the same experiences as other children. "It is wrong to intentionally deprive a child of a mother and a father," ( Kristin Hansen,2002). An example of this mightbe that in most of the cases the father is the one who encourages the child to play football, while the mother is more supportive in the academic aspects. The children need both role models todevelop some skills and attitudes on a balanced way; therefore, being raised in a gay family might affect their development and limit some of their capabilities.
In this pursuit of equality the mostaffected ones will be the children involved on these situations. Because conservative behavior is still common in society, some persons do not think homosexual families should have the right to adopt....
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