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“The Student”

The story focuses on Chano elderly man, who in his retirement he decided to study literature in college, his decision at first “Sirenita” his wife, does notlike much but finally gives full support to her husband.

At the University, Chano is in a whole new world and that is foreign, but is incorporated and is gradually winning thetrust and friendship of a group of youths, he becomes involved in a positive way in their lives, and stories of them take place simultaneously in the film along with hisrelationship with Chano.

Chano represents the good man who loves and respects his wife.
A very wise father in the film, is how, through art, Chano reaches made a very significant wayin the lives of their young classmates, and may be this good influence on them. With a great work like Don Quixote, Chano taught to understand in a deeper way of literature andlife itself. It ends up being the light that these people need and assists them almost paternal in its hour of crisis, is that one admires the image and that helps us move forward.Opinion:

I think this movie is a little bit sad but very significant problem that almost every young person have in his life, many of the young people have like kind ofphobia with the old people cause many of the time old people become like very angry just for something stupid or youngs have their own problems and nobody can help them, it is kindof funny cause even they don´t want any help they need it so the most concurrent people that can help them are the old people, but in this case the old man make a very goodrelation with the other youngs and help them just talking with them all about the experience he have in all his life and during all the social relations he have along his life
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