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Trapped in a stifling, small town in Ireland, Elizabeth Egan had always been known as a serious woman, never laughing at jokes or taking joys from the simplest pleasure of life. This is due to theeffect of being abandoned by her free-spirited mother when she was young and was forced to grow up to babysit her sister, Saoirse.

Taking advantage of the obliged responsibilities instilled inElizabeth, Saoirse continued to lead life with abandonment leaving Elizabeth to be stuck with Luke, Saoirse's son.

At the age of six, Luke claims to have a friend named Ivan who Elizabeth cannot see.Though at first she is exasperated with this imaginary friend, she starts playing along with Luke when she learns that imaginary friends will only last about 3 months.

Though invisible to most, Ivanis real. Only Luke and Saoirse can see him, though he comes to realise that Elizabeth can feel his presence. Knowing that only people who are in real need of a friend are able to see him, he followsElizabeth around. When, suddenly, she is able to see him, Ivan is delighted, but disappointed just as quickly when she thinks him to be the father of one of Luke's friends. A friendship which soon turnsinto romance blossoms between them.

Ivan's boss, Opal, sees his love for Elizabeth and tells him her own sad tale. She tells him that however much he wishes to be with Elizabeth a time will comewhen she will no longer be able to see him and will eventually age while he would remain young. However, Ivan is too much in love with Elizabeth and refuses to listen.

One day, when Elizabeth ishosting a party, she is no longer able to see Ivan and he realises it is time to move on to a new friend. Ivan visits Elizabeth in a dream telling her that he was glad he met her and etc. A few dayslater, Elizabeth realizes that he was Luke's 'imaginary' friend.

They went their separate ways, both changed after the experience. Elizabeth is more relaxed and Ivan admits that Elizabeth is...
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