Side quest

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Side Quests
Omoikanes This really isn’t a side quest, but this is about as good as any place to put it. Anyways, as you’ve traveled the Junkyard you’ve no doubt run into a strange Brain/Squid monster called an Omoikane. These monsters will babble something about their treasure before they hit you with Debilitate a couple times and then run away. Not only that, but just about every thing youthrow at it will barely scratch it. They do take damage from guns, but when you revert they will definitely escape the first chance they get. So how can you defeat these guys, you ask? To even have a chance of taking down an Omoikane you will need to have at least Forged Bullets and some way of countering their Debilitate. (Preferably taunt, but Dekunda, Rakunda, or Debilitate can also work.) Equipeither Serph or Argilla (Heat doesn’t do enough damage to single enemies, and Gale and Cielo are too random to be reliable) with the ammo of choice and stick them in the second position. Then put the character with the support skill in the lead, and put whoever you want in the third slot, as they won’t be doing anything during the Omoikane fight. (You should give them a hunt skill, though) Nowit’s time to find one of those damn things. Omoikanes can show up in any dungeon in the game, from the start of the Vanguard’s Base to the top of the Karma Temple. They have the exact same chance of appearing in each place. (This is to say, not bloody likely...) I would say to do your Omoikane hunting in an earlier dungeon where you can handle the enemies without too many problems, but still giveenough experience and Macca to make it worth the time you spend waiting for an Omoikane to show up. When you finally encounter an Omoikane, it will say its little spiel and then hit you with Debilitate. When it’s your turn have the first character Pass, the second Revert, the third pass, back around to the first character who casts their support skill, and finally have the second character shoot andhope you score a critical. (Yep, that’s the entire strategy...) With this setup, if you score a critical and the Omoikane still doesn’t go down, there is still a chance that the Omoikane will be fightened and you can Hunt it. (Yes, they can become frightened. Don’t count on it happening too often, though.) If you can’t kill it with a single shot you will either need to find stronger bullets, oryou can try and risk spending a turn just casting Taunt/Rakunda/Debilitate on the Omoikane before trying to kill it. This is risky as there is a chance that the Omoikane will run away. So what do you get out of all this madness? Why, a LOT Karma and Macca, of course. -Note: The exact amount of Karma and Macca you get from an Omoikane depends on where you fight them. An Omoikane in the first dungeonwill only give about 2000 Karma and 15000 Macca, while an Omoikane in the final dungeon will yield 50000 Karma and 225000 Macca. An alternate strategy is to put your shooter in the lead and the support character in the second slot. When you face an Omoikane have the lead character Revert, the second cast their support skill, the third Pass, and finally have the first character shoot. The problemwith this strategy is that when it comes time to shoot there is only a half-turn left, as opposed to a full turn with the above strategy. (Or, you could put the shooter in the first slot and the Taunter in the third slot and go Revert, Pass, Taunt, and Shoot. Whatever.) Alternate Omoikane Strategy (submitted by SteveO 528) First off, make sure that you have these skills set: -Equip each partymember with their most powerful/lethal Hunt Skill. -Equip Dekunda/Debilitate/Sukukaja. -Make sure your Luck stat is high, and equip the Critical skill on everyone. -If you have leftover skill slots, equip the MIN and MAX Critical skills. Attack the Omoikane with your normal attack each turn, or use a support skill like Dekunda/Debilitate, and then begin your assault. Since the Critical skill has...
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