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María Sánchez Barnés

1. How does Siemens seek to provide good career opportunities for employees?
Siemens has always sought to give support to employees for have a gooddevelopment in their career. For this, they allow to workforce make a lot of things to improve their abilities and knowledge in workplace. For example, they provide for training coursesfor those who want.
To conclude, Siemens relies on its workers because they are completely committed to the company.
2. Describe one of the systems that Siemens has createdwhich provides development opportunities for employees at work.
One of the systems is called: People Excellence. This method consists on give responsibility to employees and so, theyfeel more valued and they do better the job. This causes a chain by which workers learn more and more. Finally, they become in experts in their workplaces.
Moreover, if employeesfeel part of a successful team they want to participate in that success.
3. How important is the appraisal system in helping to create shared understandings about theobjectives of the organization and personal objectives of individual employees?
It’s very important to workers feel valued and recognized. So they will be able to work with enthusiasm andmuch better.
Also the staff has to learn to work in team and share the firm’s targets. This process is made bit a bit when all the employees know well each other.
4. Howeffective do you think the Siemens approach to people management will be in creating great results?
I think that matching talent with tasks will produce competitive advantages. Ifindividuals are encouraged to take an extra tasks and responsibilities the job will be enrichment. So the turnover will risk and consequently, the organization will be more powerful.
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