Sierra leona

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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Sierra Leone:

* After 7 years of civil war, Fonday Sankoh led this revolution-united front. This kind of party has to oppress the society to work in the mines to extract diamonds. But whenCharles Taylor raised the power; the president of Liberia gave them arms and training to the RUF in Exchange for diamonds. When the people found out were very disappointed so they create a Civil DefenseForce under the leadership of Sam Hinga Norman. In 1999 the UN broke the Lome Peace Accord between the parties.

When the civil war ended the Special Court for Sierra Leone try to made thegovernment responsible for the crimes were committee during the war, this proposal was approve for the UN. The SCSL are the new generation of the International Tribunals.

The trials opened on June 3,2004. Some people thought that the tribunals were it constrained in terms of its time frame, jurisdiction and enforcement powers in propose to deliver justice but reality was that this system was critizeand praise for a lot of people; other thought that was only see the court as an exemplary model for other international tribunals.
Charles Taylor who has been indicted for war crimes, the court wentagainst him.


* On December 13, 2005, after the attack of February 14, 2005 killing in Beirut of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and 22 others. The Government of theRepublic of Lebanon asks UN to establish an international tribunal in order to prosecute all those responsible. And so the United Nations and Lebanon are able to negotiate an agreement on the establishmentof a Special Tribunal for Lebanon. Once approved, the Security Council resolution on 30 May 2007, the provisions of the document annexed to it, including the Statute of the Special Court which wascharacterized as an appendix, entered into force on 10 June 2007.The mandate Special Tribunal for Lebanon is to prosecute those responsible for the attack mentioned paragraphs ago.

The Tribunal's...
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