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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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1. - Give the definition of Nation according to Sieyes on this text. .
Answer: A body of associates living under common laws and represented by the same legislative assembly, etc.
2. - Explain theexpression “It is truly imperium in imperio”
What does it mean?
Answer: Means that the nobility or so to say the order pass over to the people's rights and excludes them from decisions to satisfythemselves and manage to do this through the same laws that they generate.

3. - According to Sieyes, “Where is the Nation to be found?”
 Answer: Where it is; in the 40,000 parishes whichembrace the whole territory, all its inhabitants and every element of the commonwealth; indisputably, the nation lies there. A geographical division would have been chosen so that districts or"arrondissements" of 20 to 30 parishes could easily form and elect first deputies. Along similar lines, "arrondissements" would have formed provinces; and the provinces would have sent to the capital authenticextraordinary representatives with special powers to decide upon the constitution of the Estates General.

4. - Whose function is it to consult the Nation?
Answer: If the constitution provides for alegislature, each of its component parts would have the right to consult the nation, just as litigants are always allowed to appeal to the courts; or, rather, because the interpreters of a will areobliged to consult with those who appointed them to seek explanations about their mandate or to give notice of circumstances requiring new powers. 
5. - Explain the relationship that Sieyes tried tobuild between Nation and Constitution.
Answer: The constitution is the fundamental law of the State that governs the nation that is formed by a group of people united by ties that could be religion,customs, traditions established in a territory run by a government that seeks the common good of the people through the constitution.

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