Signos sodiacales

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Aries: (March 22th to April 20th).
This will be a busy year for all these natives restless. Life will be enhanced by the intervention of Jupiter, and relations are full of ardor by the interaction of Uranus in conjunction with the Sun Solitude is far removed from the Aryans.

Love: This year's love life is full of Arians swings. Family life, marriage and intimate relationships will be testedin the presence of Saturn, which will be in conjunction with Jupiter.
Focus: The Influence of Mars during this year will provide them with the energy and effort required to undertake any type of work and support all the changes that lie ahead in this field. While it will have the opportunity to expand personal skills must be very careful about self-management, since they will have a tendency totyranny.
Can carry all types of enterprise, provided they make use of diplomacy in all aspects. Professionals will be constant changes and those who work as employees have the opportunity to switch to a more senior post. Gradually begin to open up great opportunities that will lead to success, only to be put aside speculation.
Health: This is a year that will be marked by a constant bad mood,which have a direct impact on the vitality. The first months of the year will be more complicated with regard to energy, they cost a little recovered to undertake the New Year. Have a marked tendency toward depression and pessimism. Situations that will impact on health, unless they learn to handle.
Money: Change to work to be submitted throughout the year will bring an interesting change infinancial terms, will have the opportunity to increase their purchasing power, as well as their property, if conducted with relatively cautious in this field.

Taurus: (April 21 to May 21).

During this year the bulls will be benefited by Uranus, Jupiter and Venus, planets that will give them a lot of creativity and peace.
The stars are in favor of the natives, so they can overcome anumber of prejudices, but also will have much health care you can see so much activity resentful.

Love: During this year the presence of Jupiter provide an opportunity to give vent to emotions, will have the opportunity to improve and formalize the relationship if you have not already done so already to be found, not only eager to live but full of creativity. The natives who have a steadypartner will have the opportunity to experience intense moments of passion, and those who are still able to live alone romances very fruitful, perhaps someone from the past. The months of January through March are the most favorable to end celibacy, but should not despair, because the love will come when least expected.
: Work this year will occupy an important place in the life of these natives,although earlier this year this area will be quite paralyzed. Should remain calm and strive to demonstrate all the capabilities they possess.
Health: This year, Jupiter will influence the physical state of these natives, they will feel a lot of energy, so you should look for all physical activities, where you can channel it.
Must learn to manage energy so they do not spill over and run the risk ofsuffering serious stress boxes.
Money: The financial picture will begin this year a little unbalanced, so surely you have to ask for help from friends or relatives, especially to cover certain debts that are dragging on for some time.

Geminis:(May 22 through June 21).

This year will be a year of change and indecision, so sometime in the year should stop and analyze the passage tobe given.
Astral positions also allow them to collect the results of many efforts made long ago, have great potential to develop in all areas.

Love: This will be a year full of passion and attraction, the astral positions will bring the opportunity to experience love intensely.
Complicated relationships arise should handle the logic and common sense to move them forward. The control of...
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