Silent dacing

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“Silent Dacing”

Differences of Puerto Rican and American Culture

|Puerto Rican |American|
|In Puerto Rico we are used to live with open doors. |The Americans do not. |
|The Puertorricans are noisy.|The Americans are more passive and silent. |
|Puerto Ricans long accustomed to visit the neighbors and inquire |Americans are more reserved and not allowinvading their space and |
|into the lives of others. |privacy. |
|In the life of the Puerto Ricanchildren are very important and we |Americans are more detached with the children and if they have to |
|do not like the idea that a stranger took care of our children and |go to parties orcelebrations choose to leave either by a caring |
|so we always bring our children wherever we go. |nanny or a care. |

Asimilationand Identity

In this essay the assimilation and identity play an important role in the author's childhood. Since she came to America, her father always try to assimilate his family to a life asAmericans, because apparently when he came to the U.S. he pass by a lot of discrimination and problems for being a stranger in this new land. And he’s constant struggle for his family get assimilatedbring confusion to the girl who was growing, to the point that she wanted to be treated as a American in school and would not even speak Spanish. But his mother always took care to keep Puerto Ricantraditions alive and at least in the house and neighborhood to live as if they were on the island.

The Title
I understand that "Silent Dancing" is in reference to the home movie of that family home...
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