Silent killer

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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Alex Fonseca
Silent Killer
Have you ever realized how dangerous obesity is? Obesity is related with more than 30
medical conditions. Obesity is associated with an increase risk of illness,disability, and death.
Obesity is accumulation of body fat which is 20% or more of a person’s ideal weight. A person
who is obese or overweigh may be at risk of developing many diseases, socialdiscrimination,
and low self-esteem.
First of all, many studies have shown that people who are overweight might develop
many diseases such as diabetes type 2. Obese people have more fat cells thanmuscle cells;
consequently, the glucose stays in our blood and not goes to our cells to produce energy.
Coronary heart disease is when the blood vessel is block with fat. Another effect of obesity isthe
High Blood Pressure which is the amount of blood that goes through our vessels. More than 75%
of the high blood pressure cases are related directly to obesity.
The second effect of obesityis the social discrimination. Obese people often are seemed
as lazy and weak; therefore, sometimes they have hard time finding a job. Also, some places
such as all you can eat restaurants wantsto charge more money to obese people than to people
with apparently normal weight. In addition, obese people are often looked upon as abnormal and
they been criticized for their appearance.Another effect of obesity is low self-esteem. Obese people fall into depression because
they don’t feel comfortable with their appearance. In addition, when overweight people want to
be in style andthey go shopping for clothes they have a difficult time finding something that
they like.
In conclusion, obesity is a problem that many people face today. It’s very important to
control yourweigh to avoid effects of obesity. If overweight people could lose at least 7 to 10
pounds it could help to prevent many diseases, social discrimination, and low self-esteem. I
suggest that...
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