Silver mineral

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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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My mineral is silver. Silver is a metallic element that the chemical symbol is Ag and his atomic number is 47. The silver is a non silicate mineral. This means that my mineraldo not contains the combination of silicon and oxygen. And they are only found in 8% of the Earth crust. Silver is a native element. This means that silver is not combined withother element. Other mineral that is like silver is the gold, copper and platinum. The molecular combination of silver is the same as the chemical symbol Ag. But when you find thesilver with sulfur is Ag2S. The color of my mineral is silver-white. Sometimes it tarnished to brown or gray-black which is due to the action of the atmosphere. The tarnish iscommonly the oxide. The luster of silver is metallic. Is a bright metallic luster when untarnished. My mineral streak is silver white to light gray. Silver streak is shinny. Silver havenone cleavage. My mineral hardness is 2.5 to 3. The hardness varies sometimes depending on formation and impurities. The density of silver is 10.1 to 11.1. The density is highbecause of the large silver content. Silver have many special properties that make it a very useful and precious metal. It have a attractive shinny appearance and is able to reflectlight very well. Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity known. Silver is formed in nature by the hydrothermal activity. We can found silver in mines. Silver is rareto find. The value of the silver is about $49 USD per troy ounce. Silver is 1/30th the price of the gold. In early times silver has commanded much higher price. My mineral is use tomake photography, electronic device, mirrors and optics, instruments, jewelry, coins, clothing and medicine. In the past was used to make coins and changing with others thing.
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