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Customer/Supplier |This icon represents the Supplier when in the upper left, the usual starting point for material flow. The customer is represented when placed in the upper right, the usual end point for material flow. | |
|[pic] |This icon is a process, operation, machine or department, through which material flows. Typically, to|
|Dedicated Process|avoid unwieldy mapping of every single processing step, it represents one department with a |
| |continuous, internal fixed flow path. |
| |In the case of assembly with several connected workstations, even if some WIP inventory accumulates |
||between machines (or stations), the entire line would show as a single box. If there are separate |
| |operations, where one is disconnected from the next, inventory between and batch transfers, then use |
| |multiple boxes. |
|[pic]|This is a process operation, department or workcenter that other value stream families share. |
|Shared Process |Estimate the number of operators required for the Value Stream being mapped, not the number of |
| |operators required for processing all products. |
|[pic]|This icon goes under other icons that have significant information/data required for analyzing and |
|Data Box |observing the system. Typical information placed in a Data Box underneath FACTORY icons is the |
| |frequency of shipping during any shift, material handling information, transfer batch size, demand |
||quantity per period, etc. |
| |Typical information in a Data Box underneath MANUFACTURING PROCESS icons: C/T (Cycle Time) - time (in|
| |seconds) that elapses between one part coming off the process to the next part coming off, C/O |
||(Changeover Time) - time to switch from producing one product on the process to another Uptime- |
| |percentage time that the machine is available for processing EPE (a measure of production rate/s) - |
| |Acronym stands for "Every Part Every___". Number of operators - use OPERATOR icon inside process |
||boxes Number of product variations Available Capacity Scrap rate Transfer batch size (based on |
| |process batch size and material transfer rate) |
|[pic] |This symbol indicates that multiple processes are integrated in a manufacturing workcell. such cells |
|Workcell|usually process a limited family of similar products or a single product. Product moves from process |
| |step to process step in small batches or single pieces. |

VSM Material Symbols

|[pic] |These icons show inventory between two processes. While mapping the current state,the amount of |
|Inventory |inventory can be approximated by a quick count, and that amount is noted beneath the triangle.  If |
| |there is more than one inventory accumulation, use an icon for each. |
| |This icon also represents storage for raw materials and finished goods....
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