Similaridades entre hitler y napoleon

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* Jesus is condemned in 33 A.D.
* Rome thought he was a threat so they killed him
* One of his disciples turned him in
* By 800 A.D. Christianity was thepredominant religion in Europe.
* Jesus disciples spread his word really well
* It took a boost went Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome
* Seven Sacrament* Baptism
* Communion
* Confirmation
* Confession
* Marriage
* Ordination
* Last Rights
* How could you achieve salvation?
* You had to paythe church
* Don’t sin and if you sinned you had to confess
* Follow the Seven Sacraments
* How powerful was the Catholic Church?
* The two most powerful entities were theChurch and the Kings
* All Christians belonged to the Catholic Church
* All members had a rank
* By 1050:
* The Church was the largest landholder in Europe
* Theyadministered their own courts (to rival the kings)
* They were the only ones who could read or write (so they became important administrators for kings)
* Pope Gregory VII put out adocument stating that bishops and cardinals could only be appointed by the pope not the kings.
* Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor, said the pope was a false monk
* Gregory excommunicated himform the church (meaning that he would go to hell)
* Henry IV walked to the pope’s estate and begged for three days at his gates to be forgiven
* After those three days, Gregory forgavehim
*The Church had the power in Medieval Europe*

* The people from this time thought their only way to heaven was through the church
* This gavepower to the priests at a local level because the local population thought the local priests were their passport to heaven
* The relationship between the people and the church was based on money...