Simple past and continuous

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Write the verbs in brackets using simple past or past continuous

1.When I (do) the washing-up, I (break) a plate.
2.While Tom (play) the piano, hismother (do) the washing-up.
3.He (drink) some juice and then he (eat) a few chips.
4.I (have) dinner when I suddenly (hear) a loud bang.
5.When my father (work) in the garden, an old friend(pass) by to see him.
6.She (go) to school, (take) out her textbook and (begin) to learn.
7.When it (start) to rain, our dog (want) to come inside.
8.When Jane (do) a language course inIreland, she (visit) Blarney Castle.
9.When I (be) on my way home, I (see) an accident.
10.I (not / understand) what they (talk) about.

1.When I (get) up yesterday, the sun (shine) .2.It (is) a beautiful morning.
3.So I (decide) to cycle around a little.
4.I (go) to the shed and (take) out my bike.
5.While I (cycle) past some villages, I (see) some people in theirgardens.
6.One man (mow) the grass while his wife (pick) strawberries.
7.After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly (appear) and it (start) to rain.
8.Luckily, a farmer(notice) me and (tell) me to come in.
9.While it (rain) outside, I (sit) in the farmer's house.
10.After a while, the sun (come) out again.
11.I (thank) the farmer for his hospitality and(move) on.

1.Two days ago, a murder (happen) in Market Street at about seven pm.
2.Yesterday, Sherlock Holmes (arrive) at the crime scene to investigate.
3.He (ask) one of the tenants inthe house.
4.»What (do / you) yesterday at seven?«
5.»I (watch) a football match on TV.«
6.» (be) you alone?«
7.»Yes, I (be) .«
8.» (hear / you) anything suspicious?«
9.»Yes, about seveno'clock, two people (argue) in the hallway. But the football match (be) so interesting. So I just (turn) up the telly and then (hear / not) anything anymore.«

1.We (wait) for Jane, when...
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