Simple past vs. past continuous

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- Block 1.
-Uses the simple past.
-5 affirmative sentences.
-5 negative sentences.
-5 interrogative.

- Block 2.
-Uses past continuous.
-5affirmative sentences.
-5 negative sentences.
-5 interrogative.

-Verb list.

Block 1:
-Uses the simple past.
We use the past simple to talk about a past actionor event that took place at specific point in the past. We can say exactly when it happened, or if they prefer.
-It is used to refer to actions that took place in the past and for sometime that ended.
I studied English.
-In these sentences there is no information on the present:
I lost my job. (Maybe now it has since recovered)
I bought a car. (Now may no longer have the car, who has sold)-Often indicates the time period in which the action took place:
I played tennis yesterday.
I went to Paris last summer.
-The sentence structure is similar tothe present, using the main verb in its past form.
She listens to music.
She listened to music.
-In the negative and interrogative is used also a similar structure: we use the auxiliary verb "to do” in time past, thataccompanies the main verb in its infinitive form:
I didn´t go to the party.
Did you go to the party?
-In the past tense formation must distinguish between regular and irregular verbs: regular verbs form the pasttense by adding "-ed" to the infinitive (see Lesson 9), while the irregulars do not follow a specific pattern, should be studied individually (see the tenth class).
Verbo regular "To listen": forma pasada"listened".
Verbo irregular "To go": forma pasada "went"
The past form of verbs is unique for all people, no differently for the 3 rd person singulars in the present.

I / you / he / she / we /they "listened"
I / you / he / she / we / they "went"
- 5 affirmative sentences.
1. Maria made spaghetti.
2. Joshua ran the race.
3. I liked the orange juice.
4. He sang in the...