Simple past

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Time line
• A past tense is a grammatical tense that places an action or situation in the past of the current moment, or to a rutine that took place on the past.
There are 4 kinds ofpast.
• Pasts
• The simple past is used for describing acts that have already been concluded and for retelling successive events. That is why it is commonly used in storytelling.
• Thepast tense change the verbs in 2 forms
o Regular verbs: The past for a regular verbs is formed by adding –d or –ed to the root of a word. In the cases of a verb that ends in “y” the follow thenext rule:
▪ If the letter before the “y” is a vowel we just add –ed
• Play – played
▪ But if the letter before the “y” is a consonant we changethe “y” to “i” and add –ed.
• Try – tried
▪ Exercise of the grandpa.

o Irregular verbs: The irregular verbs have no rule so they have to be memorized.• Structure of the simple past
o For an affirmative form we used:
(page with form)
o For negative
o For interrogative
o For “wh” questions• Exercises
1. My grandfather had a very exciting life. When he was young, he lived (live) on a farm in the country. His parents raised (raise) cattle, and he looked (look) after the cows.When he was eighteen, he went to university, where he studied (study) Philosophy. He also played (play) the trumpet in a jazz band. When the war started, he tried (try) to join the Air Force, but heended (end) up in the Navy. In the Atlantic, a German torpedo ripped (rip) a hole in the side of his ship, and the ship sank. Only five men escaped (escape). They sailed (sail) in a lifeboat back toEngland. Then he met my grandmother, and they married (marry) after only three weeks. He says now that he wanted (want) to marry her very quickly in case he died (die) in the war.
2. Emily Carr,...
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