Simple present

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Simple present

Affirmative | Interrogative |
I likeYou likeHe likesShe likesIt likesWe likeYou likeThey like | Do I like?Do you like ?Does he likes?Does she likes?Does it likes?Do we like?Doyou like?Do they like ? |
Negative |
Long form | Short form |
I do not likeYou do not likeHe does not likesShe does not likesIt does not likesWe do not likeYou do not likeThey do not like | Idon't likeYou don't likeHe doesn'tl ikesShe doesn'tl ikesIt doesn't likesWe don't likeYou don't likeThey don't like |

* We form the present simple with the subject (noun or personal pronoun)and verb
* The third person takes –s or -es in the affirmative.
* We use do+subject +verb in all persons except for the third person singular. We usedoes+subject+verb in this person
* We form the third person singular in the negative with does not/doesn't+main verb
* We form all other persons in the negative with do not/don't+main verbSpelling: 3rd person singular affirmative
* Most verbs take -s in the third person singular
I run – he runs
* Verbs ending in –ss, -sh, -ch, -x or –o take –es
I pass – hepasses, I wash – he washes
* Verbs ending in a consonant + y drop the –y and take –ies.
I cry – he cries
* Verbs ending in a vowel + y take –s
I stay – he staysPronunciation (third person singular)
* -s or -es ending is pronunced:
* /s/ with verbs ending in /f/, /k/, /p/ or /t/ sounds.
He eats
* /Iz/ with verbs ending in /s/, /∫/, /t∫/, /dz/or /z/ sounds.
He watches
* /z/ with verbs ending in all other sounds.
He runs
* We use the present simple for.
* Daily routins, repeated actions or habits.
Ieat lunch at 12 o´clock every day
* Permanent states
He lives in new york
Time expresions used with present simple

* Every
* Hour
* Day
* Week
* Month
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