Simple present

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The simple present expresses an action in the present taking place once, never or several times. It is also used for actions that take place one after another and for actions that are set by a timetable or schedule. The simple present also expresses facts in the present.
Simple Present - Exceptions in Spelling
The 3rd person singular is usually formed by adding s. But there area few exceptions to the rule:
The verbs can, may, might, must remain the same in all forms. So don't add s.
example: he can, she may, it must
Verbs ending in o or a sibilant (ch, sh, s, x) add es instead of s.
example: do - he does, wash - she washes
A final y after a consonant becomes ie before s.
example: worry - he worries
But: A final y after a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) is not modified.example: play - he plays

Make sentences out of the words in the first column. Write the correct forms (affirmative sentence, negative sentence, question) in the right columns.
  | affirmative | negative | question |
I / speak | | | |
you / stop | | | |
he / work | | | |
she / have / time | | | |
it / be / okay | | | |
we / be / here | | | |
they / have /money | | | |
Long and Short Forms
Rewrite the sentences in the short form (where the long form is given) or in the long form (where the short form is given).
1. He doesn't know her. →

2. I'm tired. →

3. We do not understand. →

A) Complete with we’re, you’re or they’re.

Examples: Where are we Hugo? We’re in Kennedy Square.
Hugo and Johnare together They’re in Hugo’s car.

1. Are you Italian, Marco? This is Giovanni. He’s Italian, too. _________ both Italian.

2. - Where are my keys?
* _________ in your apartment.

3. Kristi’s here with me _____________ in a taxi.

4. David and Annie are having dinner ___________ in a Chinese restaurant.
5. I’m Paul Brown and this is Julie Simms ________ from PlasticBox.

B) Match the questions and answers.
Examples: Where are your keys? He’s very well
How’s Hugo? They are in my car.

Where are the elevators? No, he is an executive.
How is your brother? No, they aren’t.
IsJohn a teacher? No, we are not.
What’s Jeanette’s husband’s job? They’re here.
Are Roger and Susan in Washdon now? Yes, it is.
Are you and I in Paris? He’s fine.
Is this your car? He’s aphotographer.
C) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb to be: is or are.

1. This ______ your car.

2. The carrot is orange and it ______________ delicious!

3. Carlos and I _________ good friends!

4. Peter and Johan ___________ musicians.

5. A firefighter ___________ a superhero.

6. Candies ________ bad for tooth care.

Complete with the correctpersonal pronoun (I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they)

1. – How is John? I see him a little mad!
* ___________ is fine, it’s just your imagination.

2. My cell phone does not work. _______ is broken.

3. ________ are the champions of this year’s league!!

4. My parents are tradesmen. ________ are very hard-working.

Form positive sentences in Simple Present.
1. it /a lot / rain
2. she / in a play / act

3. Sally / to school / hurry
4. we / the bill / pay
5. my crush / at me / smile
6. the car / at the corner...
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