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Simple Present
You speak English.
Do you speak English?
You do not speak English.
Repeated Actions
The action can be a habit, a hobby, a daily event, ascheduled event or something that often happens.
• I play tennis.
• She does not play tennis.
• Does he play tennis?
Facts or Generalizations
can also indicate the speaker believes that a factwas true before, is true now, and will be true in the future. It is not important if the speaker is correct about the fact. It is also used to make generalizations about people or things.
• Cats likemilk.
• Birds do not like milk.
• Do pigs like milk?
Scheduled Events in the Near Future
use to talk about scheduled events in the near future. This is most commonly done when talking aboutpublic transportation, but it can be used with other scheduled events as well.
• The party starts at 8 o'clock.
• The bus does not arrive at 11 AM, it arrives at 11 PM.
• When do we board theplane?

Present Continuous
You are watching TV.
Are you watching TV?
You are not watching TV.
to express the idea that something is happening now, at this very moment. It can alsobe used to show that something is not happening now.
• You are learning English now.
• You are not swimming now.
• Are you sleeping?
Longer Actions in Progress Now
to say that we are in theprocess of doing a longer action which is in progress; however, we might not be doing it at this exact second.
• I am studying to become a doctor.
• I am not studying to become a dentist.
•Are you working on any special projects at work?
Near Future
to indicate that something will or will not happen in the near future.
• I am meeting some friends after work.
• I am not going tothe party tonight.
• Is he visiting his parents next weekend?
Repetition and Irritation with "Always"
expresses the idea that something irritating or shocking often happens. Notice that the...
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