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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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The XXXXXXXXXXXXX is suffering a restructuration and its objective is to increase production rate, diminish contractors and operating time. Theproduction rate increase expectancy is around 43% in comparison to the current situation.

Therefore it was completely necessary to have a clear vision on the effects that this capacity increase will haveon other areas in the plant, especially on the raw material supply and the finish product pick-up lift-truck traffic.

The Model:

The model structured simulates one shift (8 hours) of production.The variables taking place in it are the new XXXXXXX MTBF, MTTR (expected) and production rate, time required to change production brand, raw material initial stock capacity, number of lift trucksassigned in order to supply raw material to the plant, number of lift-trucks required to pick up finished, the required times, all references production combinations can be simulated and a back-up stockcapacity was also taken into account.

Five different scenarios were simulated and the following conclusions obtained.


Analyzing the raw material supply situation, the lift-truckassigned wasn’t going to be sufficient in order to deliver on time, because this only lift-truck also has to deliver raw material to other areas in the plant.


At this point the bigquestion was: How to come up with a solution without affecting XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and the warehouse dynamic traffic?

On the other hand, the recourses assigned in order to pick up finished productexperimented naturally increasing traffic results, but they appeared to be sufficient in order to satisfy the operation. The results obtained in the simulation not only showed the number of times that thelift-truck has to go to the area but also the periodicity of this activity.


Raw material supply:

1. One more scenario was simulated with a virtual double raw material storage...
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