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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2010
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P&G's edge over the competition, the advantage that's hardest to duplicate, is P&G people. When we are inspired and at our best, when we are growing as individuals, collaborating as teams orleading as owners of our business, we are unstoppable. This level of inspired performance is crucial to P&G's ability to consistently sustain growth over time and is the key reason we strive to hirethe best, investing in talented people and developing them to their maximum potential.
Having P&G people at their best is so important to us that we embarked on extensive research to understand whatP&G people do when they're at their best. We looked at the characteristics that have historically driven P&G growth. We looked outside the company, as well — at external and business trends shaping themarketplace and at what other best-in-class companies do to stay in the lead. We distilled all that we learned into three basic ideas that describe the competitive advantage of P&G people:
At the core of this model is our Purpose, our Values and our Principles. PVP is first about integrity: more than not lying, stealing and cheating. It also speaks to the more subtle aspectsof integrity that really reflect a person's character: our ability to build trust by being open, honest, straightforward and candid. We do what we say, and we say what we mean. This is what sets P&Gpeople apart.
Combined, these characteristics are our success drivers, the competencies that define how our people succeed in today's business environment. They are the characteristics of how wemeasure performance in the Company, the basis for our development and career systems, and the uniqueness we will look for in you: the attitudes and behaviors that further build your and our success.|[pic] |Our success drivers are our competitive edge, part of the essence of|
| |P&G — the core philosophy, beliefs, and behaviors that link our past|
| |to...
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