Sincroniizacion digital

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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Graphical Overview
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Introduction Prerequisites Requirements Components Used Conventions SDH Analysis The SDH Link STM1 Frames STM1 SOHVC4 Concatenation SDH Hierarchy SDH Maintenance Interactions Alarms and Detection Criteria STM1 SOH, HO−POH and LO−POH Bytes Related Information

This document provides anoverview of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) represented in images.

There are no specific prerequisites for this document.

Components Used
This document isnot restricted to specific software and hardware versions.

Refer to Cisco Technical Tips Conventions for more information on document conventions.

SDH Analysis
Thesesections provide an overview of SDH in graphical format.

The SDH Link
This diagram shows what an SDH link looks like.

STM1 Frames
This diagram shows the Synchronous Transport Module level 1(STM1) frame structure.

This diagram shows what the STM1 Section Overhead (SOH) looks like.

VC4 Concatenation
This diagram looks at VC4 Concatenation.

SDH Hierarchy
Thisdiagram displays the SDH hierarchy.

SDH Maintenance Interactions
This diagram shows how SDH maintenance interactions look.

Alarms and Detection Criteria
This table looks at what thealarms mean and their detection criteria.

These diagrams provide a description of all the bytes from STM1 SOH, High Order Path Overhead (HO−POH) and LowOrder Path Overhead (LO−POH).

Related Information
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Document ID: 28327

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