Sinfonias absurdas de la imaginacion

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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2_ A groups of people who have proved to be good liars are US Secret Service agents and clinical psychologists.

3_ I can spot a liar from a highervoice, for the errors and thank's non-verbal signs for example touching your nose and play with small objects.

4_ Non-verbal signs are important todiscovered a liar.

5_Women were better than men at detecting lies.

6_ Some people can still remember lies they told 50 years before.

7_ “Living alie” means a lie than a men or women told for more years.

The text talk about a lies, a lot of people every day told a liar but thereare some way to discovered this liars, for example when thei told they using a higher voice and they make errors, but there are also non-verbal signssuch as playing whit small objects and touch your nose.
Women were better than men at detecting lies.
Unfortunately a lot of people “living a lie” for alot of years!

I tell a lie when I'm scared and i've not a courage to tell a truth, for example with my parents, when I was little,when I did a bad think. A lot of people spot a liar to your husband or wife, but it is a very sad thinks. We don't spot a liar for play, but we spot aliar in responsabily way!
A “white lie” is a lie spot for the good of anothe people, for example when my mum buy me a jeans I hate I said he isbeautiful, but I think is not serious!
In spite of everything I believe that the truth is better than a bad liar and after I have tell a truth I'm very happy!
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