Sinopsis en ingles de batman el caballero de la noche

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Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano
Alejandra Torres – Lorena Castrillon
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English VI





The well know composer HansZimmer confirmed that him and James Howard will create the original sound tracks of the movie. They also did the sound effects of batman begin.

The movie won Oscar awards in the categories of bestsound editing on February 2009. Being the best sound nominated overcoming to Iron man and Wall-E.

The soundtracks were made by Hans Zimmer for the scenes of the action and speed, Newton Howard wasin charge suspense and dark scenes.


• Batman (bruce wayne): Christian Charles Philip Bale was borned 30 january 1974, he is an English actor. When he was young he begun like anactor with steven spierlberg in empire of the sun. in dark night he is the principal actor. He is a billionaire dedicated to protecting Gotham City.

• Alfred Pennyworth: Michael Caine is Bruce'strusted butler and adviser. He is very reliable because he know the secret about Bruce.

• Joker: heath Ledger he is the principal enemy of Batman and he do all the things very difficult becausehe is a criminal and a murder.

• James gordon: Gary Oldman he is a lieutenant in the Gotham City Police Department and one of the few police officers who is not corrupt. He helps all the timeBatman.

• Harvey dent: Aaron Eckhart is the district attorney, when he has an accident he was called like two-face.

• Rachel Dawes: Maggie Gyllenhaal is the Gotham assistant districtattorney and Wayne's childhood friend. But she is in love with Harvey dent.

• Lucius fox: morgan Freeman is the recently-promoted chief executive officer of Wayne Enterprises, he also know thesecret because he helps all the time with the tecnology things.


Christopher Nolan is a screenwriter and film director born in London on July 30th in 1970, when he was 8 years old began...
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