Sinpasis raquiem for dram

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The film tells the story of Harry Goldfarb (Jared Leto), his mother, Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn), his girlfriend Marion Silver (Jennifer Connelly) and his friend Tyrone C. Love (MarlonWayans). The story is divided into three seasons: summer, autumn and winter.
The story begins in summer with Sara, a widow who lives in an apartment in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Sara spends much timesitting in front of the TV watching ads. His other entertainment is the food, which has left her (as she) were overweight. His son Harry goes to his apartment only to pawn the TV, so finance theiraddiction to heroin.
When you receive a call from the TV studio called Malin & Block, his life changes completely. She believes he was invited to her favorite game show. Sara begins a diet, so it fitsback her red dress, which she used in Harry's graduation. However, not convinced diet and start taking pills (without being aware that they are amphetamines) to accelerate the process. Harry realizesthe new behavior of her mother (a kind of euphoria and bruxism) and asks you to stop taking the pills. Sara explains that Harry's father's death affected her too much, and that losing weight has becomethe only reason to live for her.
Meanwhile, Harry and Tyrone start to work as drug traffickers. Harry and Marion are planning to open a store with the money they earn to sell their designs. Tyrone,on the other hand, sees this success as an opportunity to leave the hard life on the streets.
When autumn arrives, Sara becomes more dependent on its dose pills and doubles, which begins tohallucinate. Some hallucinations are seen as a guest of the television program.
On the other hand, Tyrone is arrested, while Brody, who supplied them with drugs, is assassinated by a rival gang. Harry andMarion used the money saved to get Tyrone out of jail. With the passing months, it becomes more difficult the drug trade without someone to provide. Moreover, the relationship between Harry and Marion...
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