Sintesis de la obra medea de euripides

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1. As a result of the Peloponnesian war the Greek city states became weak and became trustless each and as a result of this king Phillip twoconquer Greek.

2. Alexander was well trained to be a leader because he will inherit his father’s power and became king and to do so he needs to be well trained to thistype of work. Also because he came from a royal family and these families have these opportunities for their child.

3. Alexander decided to attack Persia because hewanted to follow the idea of his father of conquering this land. He also thought that with this war he unified the Macedonian and Persian by giving them a common enemy.4. – One way Alexander spread the Greek ideas were to make Greek style cities in Persia with many buildings from Greece like libraries and theaters. Other way wasthat he brought Greek people to these cities and with them they brought their religion, government, arts etc. with them. Other thing he did was that he demanded thesoldiers and government officials to speak Greek.
5. – One way Alexander used the religion so that people accept him was honoring Egyptian and Persian gods.
- Healso visit oracles, make sacrifices and build temples to the gods
- He also encourages the idea that he was the son of Zeus.

6. Ideas and customs Alexander adoptedwhere
- He adopted Persian system of government.
- He wear decorative Persian style clothes.
- He receives official visitors as a Persian king will do in this luxurytent.
- He demanded visitors will great him in the Persian style.
- He encourages marriage between the Macedonian and the Persians even he marriage a Persian women.
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