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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2011
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SIP: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About
Jiri Kuthan, Tekelec Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec
All statements are authors’ and may or may not be shared by his company.

March 2007

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

• About This Tutorial • Introduction: Why SIP and SIP History. • Where SIP Was Born: IETF Standardization • Introduction to SIP Protocol
– SIPArchitecture – SIP Servers, ENUM – SIP Message Elements – QoS – NATs and Firewalls – PSTN

• • • •

SIP Security SIP Services Black-belt SIP Self-education


– Get your hands on SER – Self-test – References

• BCPs:

• RTP – Multimedia Protocol
Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

About This Tutorial

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

• Whoever wishes to gain basic technical knowledge of SIP protocol: administrators, developers, integrators, CS students. • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networks desirable. • Out-of-scope: detailed developer-level, business aspects.

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

About Authors
• • • Jiri Kuthan 1998: Graduated in CS from U. of Salzburg, Austria 1995-1998: Internship andthesis in Berlin, Germany, FhG Fokus 1999-2004: Affiliated as researcher in Fokus; publishing VoIP publications; involved in the IETF standardization; released world’s leading SIP proxy, SIP Express Router, with his FhG team in 2002 2004: co-founded iptelorg which was acquired in 2005 by Tekelec 2005: assumed AVP/engineering position in Tekelec • • Dorgham Sisalem 1995: Graduated in EE fromTechnical University of Berlin, Germany 1995-2005: Researcher and later department leader whose work resulted in scientific publications related to QoS, VoIP and security and being widely quoted by scientific community 2000: Obtained PhD from TU Berlin 2002: co-founded project which later incorporated into iptelorg 2005: assumed position of Director Strategic Architecture in Tekelec

• • •• •

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

• The following persons provided additional material and/or feedback:
– – – – Raphael Coeffic, Tekelec (QoS) Cristian Constantin, Tekelec (sigcomp) Nils Ohlmeier, Tekelec Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

Copyright Notice
• Authors: Jiri Kuthan, DorghamSisalem; Tekelec • Copying permitted without explicit authors’ permission only if document is not altered.

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

Introduction: Why SIP?

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

• Visionary missing piece for running all over Visionary: IP, IP including your browser, telephone and coffee machine. Richer user interface than PSTN. (Quakevia DTMF just doesn’t work.) Productivity/collaboration applications. Work from anywhere. Development: • VP for Business Development technology for all-IP-based telephony that allows integration all-IP with Internet services and surpassing investment barriers • CFO: reduction of costs by running allhomogenous all-IP technology. • Techie HTTP-like protocol specified in Techie: RFC3261 and associatedstandards and running similarly like Email runs over all-IP all-IP.

What Is SIP? Depends on Who You Are…

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

… but it is always about ALL-IP. ALLPSTN E1


• Services available to all users, on-site, off-site, multi-site, underway, homeworking, office-working. • Single infrastructure for data and voice. WaveLAN • Effectiveness tools. •Service operation can be outsourced in a Centrex-like T1 manner. Like with web/email, single server may host multiple domains for better efficiency.

Jiri Kuthan+Dorgham Sisalem, Tekelec, March 2007

Why to SIP?
• Challengers: • Incumbents: isn’t VoIP a cannibalization threat?
– All-IP nature opens up competition space and removes investment barriers.

• Why not skypeTM?

– No – it is...
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