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A Guide to BREEAM in The Design Process

RIBA Work Title Stage A Appraisal Stage

Description of Key Tasks Identify Client objectives. Preparation of feasibility studies

Actual Work Stage Man6 Consultation Pre Design Man 7 Shared Facilities Mat 3 Re use of façade Le2 Le2 Mat 4 Reuse of Contaminated Contaminated structure Land Land Pol 5 Flood Risk Pol 5 Flood Risk

BREEAM Credits

BIdentify the key requirements and Strategic constraints. Procurement Briefing Stage method, consultants, organisational structure. Appoint a BREEAM AP. Outline Proposal Stage

Man 1 (1)Commissioning monitor

Man 5 Site Investigation

Man 8 Security

Tra 1 Provision of public transport

Tra 5 Travel plan

Le1 Reuse of Land

Le3 (1) Ecological value (assessment)


Prepareconcept design incl. outline proposals for structure, building services. Outline specs and cost plan. Develop concept design, and update design and spec. Completion of Project Brief. Make detailedplanning application Prepare technical design and spec sufficient to coordinate the components and elements of the project incl statutory info and construction safety.

Hea 1 Hea 1 Daylighting DaylightingHea 2 View out

Hea 7 Hea 7 Hea 8 Hea 8 Potential Potential for Indoor Indoor for Natural Natural AQ AQ Ventilation Ventilation

Hea 14 Office Space

Ene 1 Ene 1 Reduction in Reduction in Ene5 LZC CO2 CO2 technologies emissions emissions

Ene 6 Building fabric performance

Tra 2 Proximity to Amenities

Tra 3 Cyclist facilities

Tra 6 Tra 4 Tra 8 Le 4 Le5 Maximum Pol 1 PedestrianDeliveries Mitigation Enhancing car Refrigerant and cyclist and of ecological site parking GWP safety Manoevring Impact ecology capacity

Pol 4 Nox emissions

Pol 6 Minimising Watercoursepollution



Detailed Proposal Stage

Hea 3 Glare control

Hea 4 High Frequency Lighting

Hea 5 Internal & External Hea 10 Thermal Lighting Levels Comfort

Ene 4 External Lighting...
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