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Anatomy Review: Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Graphics are used with permission of: (
Benjamin Cummings Publishing Co (
Page 1. Introduction
•Skeletal muscle cells have unique characteristics which allow for body movement.
Page 2. Goals
• To compare and contrast smooth muscle cells, cardiac muscle cells, and skeletal muscle cells.
• To reviewthe anatomy of the skeletal muscle.
• To examine the connective tissue associated with the skeletal muscle.
• To review the intracellular organization of the skeletal muscle cell.
Page 3.Comparison of Skeletal, Cardiac and Smooth Muscle Cells
Skeletal Muscle Cell: Cardiac Muscle: Smooth Muscle Cell:
Elongated Cells Branching Cells Spindle-Shaped Cell
Multiple Peripheral Nuclei SingleCentral Nucleus Single Central Nucleus
Visible Striations Visible Striations Lack Visible Striations
Voluntary Involuntary Involuntary

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Page 4. Whole Skeletal Muscle
• Skeletal muscles attach to bones via tendons.
Page 5. Internal Structure of aSkeletal Muscle
• Skeletal muscles are composed of connective tissue and contractile cells.
• The connective tissues surrounding the entire muscle is the epimysium. Bundles of muscle cells arecalled fascicles. The connective tissues surrounding the fascicles is called perimysium.
• Label this diagram:
Page 6. Internal Structure of a Fascicle
• Important Points About Endomysium:InteractivePhysiology 2
• Made of connective tissue.
• Surrounds individual muscle cells.
• Functions to electrically insulates muscle cells from one another.
• Three connective tissue layers of the muscle...
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