Sistema penitenciario de mexico

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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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es una breve introduccion al Sistema Penitenciario de Mexico en ingles
n the Federal District there are eight places of detention for criminal and one administrative penalties,the latter is the oldest, was built 49 years ago, and the newest, the Men of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, eight years ago. The Penitentiary has a seniority of 41 years, men'spreventive detention 22 years north and east and south 19. The women's preventive detention and the Northern and Eastern Women's Center for Social Rehabilitation Tepepan are 8 years old.The passage of time and lack of adequate and appropriate maintenance facilities deteriorated sharply, turning in some cases, such as the penitentiary, useless
Physical deterioration iscompounded by insufficient space. The Federal District's prison system has an installed capacity to approximately 12 000 inmates, but the current population range from 17 000. Theovercrowding is concentrated in the Men's Detention North and East Men's Detention

It is no accident that the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules penal institutions advised to notmore than 500 inmates. The centers with this capability are easier to govern and enable the implementation and monitoring of prison treatment custom

In this research, said thecomplicity of the authorities and the security and custodial staff which enabled the introduction of prohibited or without following the procedure prescribed in the Regulations for Prisonsand Social Rehabilitation Centers Federal District. For example, in the Maximum Security Module of the North Men Prison inmates who had available for itself over five rooms, privategarden was watered twice a day, sauna, gym, computer and fax. In other bedrooms of the same prison had no regular supply of water, the inmates were crowded and dilapidated facilities
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