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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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What is Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management?

HSEQ consists of a single management system that embraces a number of international standards (I bet you’ve all heard about ISOstandards). Working under this systems, companies guarantee that employees work in a healthy environment concerned about their body and their mind. On the other end, customers get best quality, friendlyservices and they can rely on that the fabrication of goods they buy from certified companies is compliant with current local environmental regulations.

Hence, in theory we have in front of our eyes thesolution that we are looking for: a single powerful management system able to re-direct the behaviour of multinational companies and therefore exert influence in global economy and societies in a waythat responsible consumers and social justice policies would ultimately govern our world!..It just depends on us: the consumers.

I have to let you know that when I started studying management, noone put things in such perspective for me. I just figured out that HSEQ can be employed as the magic tool to make this planet a better place. Why? Because the instrument is already settled, it isstrong and accepted worldwide within the current –conventional- economic system.
Organizations which choose to establish the HSEQ management system are expected to ensure compliance with localregulations and fulfilment of customer’s requirements. This is the reason why I think that HSEQ can actually be used to change the world! For instance, if consumer requirements include non-transgenic and onlyorganic ingredients, well then manufacturers have no choice but to comply with this, period.

This last passage may sound a little frightening. How would choice be removed? This actaully sounds alittle totalitarian in one sense.
Choice is removed by the fact that if a certain product does not fulfil or comply with your requirements as a consumer, you will not buy it, that’s it! And it is...
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