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Problemas y ejercicios
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1. Research how to prepare an RFP.
1. Investigue cómo preparar una solicitud de propuesta.

3. In the section on choosing off-the-shelf software, eight criteria are proposed for evaluating alternative packages. Suppose the choice is between alternative custom software developers rather than prewritten packages. What criteria would be appropriate toselect and compare among competing bidders for custom development of an application? Define each of these criteria.
3. En la sección sobre la elección de off-the-shelf software, ocho criterios se proponen para la evaluación de paquetes alternativos. Supongamos que hay que elegir entre alternativas desarrolladores de software a medida en lugar de paquetes preconfigurados. ¿Qué criterios seríanapropiados para seleccionar y comparar entre los licitantes que compiten por el desarrollo personalizado de una aplicación? Defina cada uno de estos criterios.

Preguntas de Discucion:
Pagina 40
5. What are ERP systems? What are the benefits and disadvantages of such systems as a design strategy?
5. ¿Cuáles son los sistemas ERP? ¿Cuáles son las ventajas y desventajas de los sistemas como unaestrategia de diseño?

6. Explain reuse and its advantages and disadvantages.
6. Explicar reutilización y sus ventajas y desventajas.
Caso de estudio:
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Jim Watanabe looked around his new office. He couldn’t believe that he was the assistant director of information technology at Petrie’s Electronics, his favorite consumer electronics retail store. He always bought his new DVDs andvideo games for his Xbox 360 at Petrie’s. In fact, he had bought his Blu-ray player and his Xbox 360 at Petrie’s, along with his surround sound system and his 40" flat-screen HD LED TV. And now he worked there too. The employee discount was a nice perk1 of his new job, but he was also glad that his technical and people skills were finally recognized by the people at Petrie’s. He had worked for fiveyears at Broadway Entertainment Companyas a senior systems analyst, and it was clear that he was not going to be promoted there. He was really glad he had put his résumé up on and that now he had a bigger salary and a great job with more responsibility at Petrie’s. Petrie’s Electronics had started as a single electronics store in 1984 in San Diego, California. The store was started byJacob Rosenstein in a strip mall. It was named after Rob Petrie, the TV writer played by Dick Van Dyke in the TV show named after himself. Rosenstein always liked that show. When he had grown the store to a chain of thirteen stores in the Southern California area, it was too much for Rosenstein to handle. He sold out in 1992, for a handsome profit, to the Matsutoya Corporation, a huge Japaneseconglomerate that saw the chain of stores as a place to sell its many consumer electronics goods in the U.S.

Matsutoya aggressively expanded the chain to 218 stores nationwide by the time they sold the chain in 2002, for a handsome profit, to Sam and Harry’s, a maker and seller of ice cream. Sam and Harry’s was looking for a way to diversify and invest the considerable cash they had made creatingand selling ice cream, with flavors named after actors and actresses, like their best selling Lime Neeson and Jim Carrey-mel. Sam and Harry’s brought in professional management to run the chain, and since they bought it, they added fifteen more stores, including one in Mexico and three in Canada. Even though they originally wanted to move the headquarters to their home state of Delaware, Sam andHarry decided to keep Petrie’s headquartered in San Diego.

The company had made some smart moves and had done well, Jim knew, but he also knew that competition was fierce. Petrie’s competitors included big electronics retail chains like Best Buy. In California, Fry’s was a ferocious competitor. Other major players in the arena included the electronics departments of huge chains like Wal-Mart...
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