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Computer Engineering
What is COMPUtER EnginEERing?
Computer engineering applies electrical engineering principles to the design of computers, networks of computers, or sometimes systems that include computers. Although traditionally part of electrical engineering, computer engineering has now come to be recognized as a separate engineering field. The following will give you an idea as to howyou might match your interests to a career in computer engineering: • NEED TO NETWORK? Enabling computers to communicate and work together, from wireless local area networks to the global internet, is a primary goal of computer engineers. • CAN YOU HANDLE HARDWARE? In addition to the computers themselves, computer engineers design peripherals—the drives, scanners, printers, and displays that enableus to provide input and receive output in a variety of formats. • LOOKING FOR THE SMALL PICTURE? Computer engineers are constantly working to create the next generation of smaller and faster circuits, chips, and processors. • GOTTA HAVE GADGETS? Consumer products ranging from refrigerators and automobiles to cellular phones and iPods rely on internal computers to function. • WANT TO HALT HACKERS?Staying one step ahead of hackers and others who misuse computer systems is a challenge for computer engineers who seek to improve security and protect privacy. • ENJOY PLAYING WITH REALITY? From computer gaming systems to virtual reality simulation to Hollywood special effects, computers are being used to stimulate and capture our imaginations. • FASCINATED BY THE FUTURE? Computers promise tobecome even more integrated into our daily lives—perhaps even into our bodies. What’s your vision for the future? Computer engineering also overlaps the areas of computer information systems, computer science, and information science. It is common for students majoring in computer engineering to complete a minor in computer science. And because this is an area currently ripe for entrepreneurship,some computer engineers also choose to pursue additional training in business. Active research in the department ensures that the content of the undergraduate program is constantly renewed and maintained at a challenging technical level and integrates discovery learning into the program. Opportunities abound for computer engineering undergraduates to work with faculty and graduate students asresearch assistants, either for pay or independent study credit. We want our graduates to have the skills necessary to pursue advanced degrees. Research in the department covers a broad range of topics with particular strengths in communications and signal processing, electronic devices and materials, optics and electromagnetics, and computer networks and systems. More detailed information about ourresearch program is available on our website. Electrical and computer engineering graduates of UD have gone on to some very exciting, rewarding, and successful careers. One graduate is a founder of Silicon Graphics, a well-known manufacturer of high-end computer workstations. Another received an Academy Award for technical achievement in motion picture special effects. The proliferation of computertechnology over the past several decades has created an abundance of career opportunities in this field.

additiOnal OPPORtUnitiEs fOR stUdy
ExPLORING THE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES THROUGH THE BREADTH REqUIREMENTS All engineering curricula have at least 18 credits set aside for breadth requirement courses, which are chosen from an extensive list of humanities and social science options. Toprovide both breadth and depth, students are required to complete courses from both categories, with at least two of the courses being above the introductory level. Students entering with Advanced Placement (AP) credits may already have completed several of these courses. ExPLORING OTHER SUBJECTS THROUGH MINORS A minor is a small set of courses in a particular subject area that is different from...
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