Sister love and other crime stories - mini resumen

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Sister Love

The roof garden
The church

This is about two very different sisters. Marcia and Karin. Marcia is unatractiveand stays at home to look after their sick father. Karin is tall and beautiful with a good job. When Marcia falls in love with Howard; a man she met at church she brings him home to meet her family.Karin, who enjoys sunbathing on the roof in a bikini, soon, steals him away from her older sister. When Marcia overhears Howard declaring his love for Karin, she decides to act. She puts some ofKarin’s suntan oil on the floor of the roof garden, so that when Karin runs to wave to Howard from the roof she slips and fall over the edge of the wall and die.

Joey’s Luck

The shop

Joey is a young thief in London in 1912. He makes money by steeling people’s wallets and bags in the street. But when he hears a friend telling his landlordthat he keeps a lot of money in his shop, he decides to steel that. However, his plan goes wrgong when he knocks over an oil lamp in his struggle with the old man and sets fire to the shop. Joeyescapes but leaves the old man to die. With a lot of money in his pocket Joey buys a ticket to sail to a new life in America. Unfortunately, the ticket is for the Titanic and it seems that Joey’s luckhas finally run out.

Hush Money


The pubs

Rosa blackmails people to get extra money. She waits outside a pub until she sees someone try to drive away whenthey are drunk, and then she pretends they have injured her. They pay money not to call the police. However one victim follows Rosa and photographs her in an attempt to get her money back. In theargument wine was split over Rosa. Rosa is very angry and drives away, only to crash and seriously injure herself. Because she smells of wine the police think she is just another drunk driver.
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