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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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My Dearest Sister!
My inspiration is Fernanda Avelar, this girl is my lovely sister from my father’s side. For me she is the most important person in life, even though we’ve only known each other for 2 months. I can still recall the day that my parents told me about Fernanda. I was about ten years-old, my parents and I were in the living room, as soon as their lips hit the word ‘sister’ my eyesbecame brighter then the moon. I could not believe what they’d said, I even started jumping around the living room and yelling ‘Wow!! I have a sister!” My parents never thought that I would respond to them in that way. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to actually chat with her through Facebook and Skype, I’ve realized that my life with out her would just be hopeless. I really hope that the themoment I get to see her in real life will be as remarkable as the moment I started
My sister and I are practically identical, it some times feels that we are the same person but in different bodies. Two months ago, I finally got the guts to face my sister and actually get to meet her. I can remark myself writing to her my first message through Facebook and introducing myself as her older sister. Icould feel my heart coming through my throat, and my hands were shaking like crazy. I’ve never been that nervous in my life, not even on performance. It only took her about five minuted to reply to me, I never thought she would but luckily she did. The moment I saw her message I my eyes started to water. From that day on we’ve become more as sisters and we practically share everything to eachother. through out this two months we’ve realized that our favorite type of food is italian and that we aren’t big fans of sea food. We are also the type of girls who love to shop specially at Forever 21. There is much to it then just this, we both have the same attitudes. If we are in the situation where we don’t know anyone were start socializing right away. You would still not want to get into ourother side because we could even erupt lava from our mouths. Through all this time we’ve been talking to each other, she has given me plenty strength and I am really grateful that she’s there for me when I need her. Meeting her, even through Facebook, has been the most beautiful experience ever. God has given me my dearest sister, Fernanda, and I thank Him everyday for her wonderful presence inmy life. Supposedly my sister doesn’t enjoy the presence of children, but my point of view is the opposite. When we were babbling on the phone and our three brothers and my little sister were gathered around me, trying to communicate with her, they kept disturbing us in everything. I kept glaring at them. One of those times I got so desperate that I burst out yelling to them so they could let ustalk comfortably. Fernie tried to control and relax me , she understood that they were excited about the situation, and so I realized that she had much patience and was a sweetheart. Like any other person, Fernanda can simply show her attitudes through her eyes, but that does not stop her from being a crazy girl full of adventures. Most of the time she has this energy that you can’t control, butlove will love to have.,
Everyone is sitting around, she is with her legs crossed wearing her white polo shirt, and patterned black and blue skirt. As the teacher talks and talks about chemistry, Fernanda starts to pop her gum every five minutes. After several times of popping her gum, the teacher finally turns around, so annoyed that her ears could even erupt lava. Fernanda just looks into theteacher’s eyes and grins, having the intension to pop her gum once again. As you can see, she’s a disobedient girl in school, even though she is really intelligent, specially in math. Fernanda has been through all types of trouble just because of all her honesty and not being able to stay quiet. She really expresses herself and gives her opinion on everything. Despite this, she has the best sense of...
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