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Sitcom is a type of comedy television series born in the United States, which typically includes laugh track or live. It was developed in 1960 and is still relevant to today.

Sitcom is a contraction in English Situation comedy, but also refers to the presence of audience seating (sit, sit in English) against actors who introduce their laughter, exclamations or interactionswith the public in the narrated situation.

Its standard length is about 24 minutes and is broadcast in the U.S. and funnel program (which includes hearing) before Prime Time or "prime time" as the Anglo-Saxons called the Prime Time Access.
The action of this type of series is developed for the most part in sets (sets or studies) sets, and these are limited to about 4 or 5. In theaction that is told there are stories that begin and end within the same chapter. In addition to these stories, develop and parallel subplots, jumping from one to another. The number of characters is limited in quantity, and the protagonists are usually 5 or 6 people. The humor used is based on the verbal joke, visual joke (gag) and reaches its best expression in the mood of the situation. The humorof this situation places the burden on the development of the plot, the characters' personalities and their reactions.

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Two and a Half Men
The series is about a bachelor named Charlie, who has a life of luxury as his Malibu beach house that suddenly is affected by the arrival of his brother Alan, who afterseparating from his wife, Judith, and have had 12 years of marriage, has to stay with Charlie, because he has lost everything in the divorce. But what begins as a stay of a few weeks end up becoming an indefinite stay, as Alan for economic reasons and also will never feel alone in the house of Charlie, although he tells to his face that he wants to move . Ultimately Charlie ends up accepting half that Alanis at home, but it bothers her that some weekends and holidays take your son Jake Harper to be with them. Charlie does not want Jake is at home and spends his time annoying but as with Alan ends up allowing you to feel at home.

Charlie, a young and not so young, has a life in which only involves three factors: gambling, alcohol, and sex. He drives a Jaguar XK, and then a Mercedes-Benz. He hasa house in Malibu, earn much money and works as a writer of jingles (songs composed for commercials), but then writes and sings nursery rhymes.

Alan is completely different, is a chiropractor who is nothing, but bad luck with women but is very close to his family. Have moral and conscience, which Charlie does not have, so I always feel embarrassed when a relationship goes wrong and costs makesome decisions. Jake, Alan's son, a child is very much like his uncle, often talks with his father or his uncle the same level as any other adult, is characterized by always thinking about food. Apparently not very smart, Charlie always makes fun of him and Alan always had problems to study, and although at first Charlie does not want in your home, ultimately ends up getting along with him andteaches him some tips to pick up women easily. With them also lives Berta, the maid loose you add more conflict. Although Charlie and Alan are very different both agree to create a stable home for Jake. Thus, together begin a journey in which they face the challenges and continue to mature slowly.


The title character is Gordon Schumway, a little alien nicknamed ALF ("amorphous FarFantastic", "Slightly Annoying Alien" or "Alien Life Form" English "Alien Life Form). He was born on October 28, 1756, in the Lower East region of the planet Melmac, which in turn was located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus supercluster, the sky was green and grass blue.

ALF's body is covered with orange fur. It has a snout full of curves, facial moles, and eight stomachs and likes to...
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