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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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• STEP A: Questions/content to answer/request up front
o Provide floor plans for all buildings/areas to be surveyed.
o What specific buildings/floors within the information provided are to becovered?
o What type of client devices will be supported in the network – laptops, VoIP phones, scanners, iPods, etc.?
o What bands do the client devices to be supported operate in – 2.4G vs. 5G?
oWhat type of user density requirements for the coverage areas, in particular any with high user densities?
o What type of wall construction materials in the buildings?
o Are there any restrictions asto where Arrays can be placed – in rooms, hallways, etc.?
o What type of quote(s) are to be provided: Standard (-80), Performance (-72), High Performance (-67)?
o Is the survey to be active (stronglypreferred) or predictive (only in special circumstances)?
o What type of Array model(s) will be proposed (4 vs. 8, XN or XS)?
o When is a response needed from the CE for review?

• STEP B:Survey Results Review
o Look for Arrays placed at the edge of a building, normally they should never be placed in such a location.
o Look for any areas skipped in the survey. Ideally there should beany but if so, make sure to understand why.
o Verify high user density considerations were taken into account for the Array models chosen and final Array placements.
o Rule of thumb: A radio perclassroom at a minimum for a Performance survey, i.e. an XN4 per 4 classrooms, XN8 per 8 classrooms maximum.
o Ensure multiple radios are available at each location, specifically 1 2.4G and 2 5G radiosfor a Performance survey.
o Look for areas with potential inter-Array interference, that is Arrays too close to each other, in line of site, in hallways, etc.
o Check if Arrays have been placed on topof each other floor to floor.
o If Arrays must be placed in hallways, ensure the design is 5GHz focused with only 1-2 11bg radios enabled/surveyed per Array. Otherwise co-channel interference...
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