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Student A: Have a conversation with a classmate about last weekend. Ask him/her about the activities he/she did. Use simple past
Student B: Answer and askstudent’s A questions about last weekend


Student A: Ask your classmate about his/her last summer vacations. Use simple pastinformation questions.

Student B: Give answers and ask A about vacations



Student A: Talk about a time you gotlost / got scared / got a bad sunburn / went on a trip (choose one)

Student B: React to the information you hear and ask follow- up questions____________________________________________________________


Student A: Ask a friend to go for lunch today

Student B: You can’t go. Make plans for another day.____________________________________________________________


Student A and Student B:

Talk about your daily diet
Say food you like and you don`t like

You are in the south of Chile. Tell your best friend how your weekend is going. Talk about weather and what you are doing.

You meet a friend in a gym. Talk about sports, the frequency you practice them and where you normally work out.

You need to buy some special presents for your parents’ wedding anniversary and you are discussing with your sister where to go, (favorite place to go).____________________________________________________________


You are an advertising executive in a Bank.
You are talking to a friend about what you like, need and have to wear (talk about clothes)....
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