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Go skydiving
Skydiving is a popular form of extreme sport in which you exit a plane at anywhere from 3,050-5,500 mts. and fly / fall through the air. Many people go skydiving because they enjoy thefeeling of freedom and the adrenaline rush that it gives them.

When you first exit the plane whilst skydiving, the force of gravity far outweighs that of air resistance and this causes you torapidly accelerate downwards. After a few seconds, and a several hundred or a thousand feet, the two forces become equal and you will reach a speed of around 120-180 mph. Once you pull your parachutecord, and your main canopy releases and fills with air, you will then start to decelerate because of the sudden increase in air resistance and will float down at about 10 mph, which is a safe enough speedat which to make a landing.

Your parachute is made up of several component parts, which are contained in a single pack that you wear on your back. Another standard piece of skydiving equipment isthe automatic activation device (often shortened to just AAD). This a sophisticated hand held computer that measures elevation and descent rate and automatically cuts a strap to deploy your parachuteif you fail to do so by the appropriate height. An altimeter is a piece of equipment that lets you know how far above ground level you are and how fast you are descending.

Skydiving suits are wornto give protection from the wind whilst in the air and cuts and scratches on landing. A skydiving helmet is necessary because there is a possible chance of head trauma when hitting the ground.Landings should be made on your feet, and it is very rare for a skydiver to have to hit the ground and roll, but it is possible for a gust of wind, a trip or other event to put a skydiver's head on theground. They also typically incorporate two-way radios which allow in-the-air and air-to-ground communication.

Your skydiving equipment needs to be thoroughly checked prior to taking off and should...
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