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Profesor jones and i were getting close to the National Weather station in louisville, Kentucky when we first heard the wind. A minute later,we observed a thunderstorm approaching from the southwest. It looked like a big funnel twisting around. The base of the tornado was rotatingwhile the top looked still. We took out our measuring instruments to check the speed of the wind from the place where we were standing. the noisewas impressive- a loud, continuous roar or rumble, Under the funnel we could see dust or debris whick was whirling and some pieces were as bigas truck wheels

in the far north the wind was whistling and uncle henry and dorothy could see where the long grass was moving in wavesbefore the coming storm suddenly incle henry stood up.
"There's a cyclone coming. Em," he called to his wife, Aunt Em dropped her work andcome to the door "Quick, Dorothy" she screamed. "Run for the cellar!". Toto jumped out of Dorothy's arms because he was sared. Aunt Em opened thetrap door in the floor and climbed down the ladder into the small, dark hole. Dorothy caught Toto and started to foll0w but when she washalfway across the room she suddenly fell down. What was happening? What was goin on? She wasn't sure and besides, she was very scared.
Suddenly,the house whirled around two or three times and roses slowly through the air.
Dorothy was going uo and up like in a hot air ballon
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