Slumdog millionaire

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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2011
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The Slumdog Children of Mumbai tells the stories of Deepa, Salaam, and twins Hussan & Hussein four children that tells his story in the streets of Mumbai.This documentary make me reflect about thelife. They are afraid that they may be taken into custody or be sent back to their own home.

Deepa 7 year old . Deppa works at the Bandra West traffic lights, selling flowers. She liveswith her 3 brothers and grandmother. Her father died in 2008 of an alcohol related disease, and her mother abandoned. Deepa is forced to work to help feed her younger siblings, and is in charge of her2 year old brother. Most of all she wants to return to school to become a doctor.

Salaam 11 year old .Salaam originally arrived in Mumbai from a small village, one of India’s poorest states.His new stepmother was beating him for not working hard enough. He arrived at Victoria Station in the summer of 2009. He soon fell in with a group of older boys, and resorted to begging to survive.They introduced him to ‘whitener’ It’s a drug that helps to forget the hunger.. When he is not begging, Salaam travels and visit the beach.

Hussan and Hussein 11 year old. twins Hussan & Husseinlive in the Pipeline slum. A rancid canal runs through the middle of the slum, where the twins wash, play and work.
Their father is an alcoholic, their brother is on drugs. The twins left schoolseveral years earlier, and make a living by collecting rubbish to sell at the local recycling centre. They collect the trash of the canal.

In contrast about my life and theire lifes, we couldsee a lot of diferences, first of all they work to help his family, but the most important they work to survive, whereas my mom gave me everything, and of course i dont need to work. For thisreason they don’t have the necessary resources to have a normal life, like go to school, however in the case of deepa we could see how she want to be doctor, but whitout resources she can’t do anything.
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