Smart and dumb essay

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The Smart Idea of the Smart One and the Dumb One

David Berliner’s article uses basic but supported ideas with claims andevidences about how people such as the ones that manage the tests sent by the government and the ones that evaluates the students potential and what they have learned throughout the years to see whatthey have learned based on tests scores and the rating with the other students.
Berliner puts an explanation in his article that says that if some type of sport such as football is being evaluatedduring one of their games and this one team looses the game that day and it proves that it can’t be a good team just because it lost that one day; but what about the other times when they have won? It issomething hard to proof the team’s proficiency just by looking at the one football game evaluated.
The similar issue happens with the students that take tests and there are ones that would not getthe scores expected in those tests that are given by non teachers but higher authority such as SAT tests and the scores can’t always be proven because the student couldn’t have shown up how much theyhave really kept what they learned or what they know because incidents always tend to happen or some type of issue that does not allow the student to be able to take timed tests or keep its focusingon the one subject and that leads to a negative result towards the tests, and at the end it the real results of the students did not show up, because their own disability to be able to show their realpotential was blocked.
In this type of issue in this article does not just show that the students are the only one’s affected by it but also the teachers, since they are the instructors that arebeing under this pressure where they already evaluate every single one of their students and as well they have to keep up with the new things and possibilities that might be on the challenging test be...
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