Smoking ban

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  • Publicado : 9 de agosto de 2010
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Currently there is a new ban on smoking in public places. This measure is not adopted yet but in the next months the government is going to approve it. This newlaw will prohibit smoking in all public places.

Firstly, few years ago the government passed another smoking ban which allowed people to choose between places wherewas allowed to smoke or not. This smoking ban was fair because the owners of the places like pubs and restaurants could choose for themselves if the consumerscould to smoke or not in their places. The owners are very disappointed due to the fact that they invested a lot of money in their business in order to allow smoking intheir places and they will not be able to recover this investment because of the new ban.

Secondly, we have the reference of United Kingdom where they introducedthe same law 2 years ago and the result have been more than four thousand pubs closed and 40.000 unemployed.

This legislation will be an advantage for all thepeople who not smoke and a profit for the health of the society. But, on the other hand it’s not sure if this new ban is going to decrease the sales of tobacco.

Themain disadvantage will be the loss of our freedom of choice and the financial consequences for our country.

To conclude, in spite of the fact that the new ban isa profit for the health of the society we have to be aware that we are in a financial crisis and the new legislation will close 70.000 places and will provoke200.000 unemployed according to the Spanish hotel industry.

Is this smoking ban a profit for the society?.......

Is the best moment to introduce it?..........