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smsSMS Interceptor Manual

SMS INTERCEPTOR (Sends all incoming and outgoing SMS to the pre-defined number)

Definitions: 1. Intercepted Call A call from target phone (incoming or outgoing) to being eves dropped by the Pre-defined number. 2. Room Monitor Call Call placed by the Pre-defined number to the target phoneanswered in stealth mode. 3. Intercepted SMS An SMS which is silently being forwarded to the pre-defined number. 4. Configuration SMS An SMS sent by the Pre-defined number to the target phone, containing a valid code for the purposes of configuring the phone. 5. Target User User who is carrying the target phone. 6. Target Phone Phone with the installed software. 7. Monitoring User User that is inpossession of the phone which is the pre-defined number. 8. Monitoring Post The handset and the user (as one unit) where the handset is the pre-defined number. 9. Pre-defined number The phone number set in the target phone which can make the target phone perform of variety of operations in stealth/ghost mode. 10. Active State The software is active to receive Configuration SMS and receive calls fromthe pre-defined number in Room Monitor or Interception mode. 11. Inactive State The software is ready to receive Configuration SMS but not calls from the pre-defined number. All calls including calls from the pre-defined number will be treated as normal calls. 12. Secret Code Your 9 digit code which can be number or alphabets. No Special Characters are allowed. 13. Phone Stealth Enables the user tolisten the Room Conversation when the phone is switched off. 14. Busy Signal Busy tone or the busy message as provided by the network provider. 15. Phone Switched off message Phone switched off message or action as provided by the network provider. 16. On Boot SMS SMS containing Application Status, sent as soon as the Mobile Equipment is powered up. On Boot SMS is activated by default. 17. On CallSMS SMS sent by the Target Phone to the Pre-defined number containing a notification that an incoming or outgoing call has been connected on the target phone. This SMS contains the incoming/outgoing telephone number. 18. Switch Off Number This number (or SIM) is purchased is always switched off. Ref. Phone Stealth Setup, Section 1 for details.

Copyright © 2009 J OAQUIN Technologies CONTENTS SMS INTERCEPTOR SETUP Section 1 Introduction Section 1.1 Remote Management Section 1.2 Timing Section 1.3 Stealth Features Section 2 Configuration and Setup Section 3 Examples

Copyright © 2009 J OAQUIN Technologies

SMS INTERCEPTOR SETUP Section 1: Introduction: The SMS interceptor instantly catches all incoming and outgoing SMS on the target device (where the software is installed) andforwards them silently to the pre-defined number. SMS interceptor has been built via a special inbuilt SMS Server Engine which assures reliability of the software. The software does not use the Inbox of the phone to receive or Outbox/Sent to send the SMS. This means that the icon of intercepted SMS will not appear on the phone’s screen, including for SMSes that cannot be sent due to • low balance, •network problems or • any other delay It is also ensured that there will not be any system error notification to the user in respect to the Intercepted SMS. Section 1.1: Remote Management You now have the ability to remotely configure the phone. You can send a special SMS to perform the following functions on the phone: • • • • • Activate the SMS Software Deactivate the SMS Software Change theSecret code to manage the software Change the Pre-Defined Number for SMS forwarding Query for the Status of the SMS software on the phone.

Section 1.2: Timing In this new version a bottom up approach has been developed where we have built our own SMS Server. This means that there our SMS servers require time to start/reconfigure itself after every configuration SMS has been sent. To avoid any...
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