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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Coralillo Snake
Venomous snake of the same group they belong to the cobras, feeds on small snakes, lizards and salamanders.
The neurotoxic venom is veryactive and fatal, death occurs from suffocation between 12 and 43 hours later.
Cobra snake
Venomous snake measuring over 1.50 meters long, is characterized by raising hishead when attacking or defending more than 50 centimeters in height. In all cases, their bite is deadly
It is characterized by toothless jaws, shortlegs, flattened body covered by a carapace or shell very resistant. Over 300 known species
Reptile conical, prehensile tail, large protruding eyes andpierced eyelids. His tongue is very long and spear to catch insects.
It is remarkable the change that can make your skin to adapt to the surrounding objectsLagarto- lizard
Long-headed reptile, cylindrical trunk and long tail. Their skin is covered with scales, are agile, harmless and very useful to agriculture by the numberof insects that eat
They measure from 2 to 6 meters long, there are few species, being the most known Mexican caiman, the Florida and SouthAmerica yacare. It is much like the crocodile and is distinguished from this by having the snout more wide and short
Very similar to reptile lizard about20 centimeters long. This scaly. It feeds on small insects. Lives in destroyed buildings in this sleepy winter in holes in the ground
This takes its name from thepresence of an organ at the tip of the tail, called Rattlesnake. Snakes are nocturnal, feed on rodents, lizards, frogs and small mammals, and are very poisonous.
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