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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2010
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(Draft readme. Update, or correct as needed) Thank you for downloading the Star Trek Sacrifice of Angels 2 version 0.4e Much hard work went into this mod. Many hours of our free time were spent to bring Star Trek into Sins of A Solar Empire. SoA 2 is still a work in progress. There are still models, Weapons, abilitys, research, and factions that need to be added and/or replaced. Many updates, andchanges will come as time progresses. Do not be lazy.. Read the entire Readme file. There is important information here. We take no responsibility if you damage your sins installation, or your computer, because you failed to follow directions. Nor will we, The mod community, hold back our sarcasim on the forums if you post a question that has already been answered here on this readme. READ IT.Top to bottom. ____________________________________________________________

_____________ _____________________________________________ Installation of the Mod: IMPORTANT BALANCE AND OTHER ASSETS ARE NOT FULLY DEVELOPED. ALSO IF YOUR INSTALL IS A ANOTHER LANGUAGE PLEASE CHANGE STRING FILE TO YOUR LANGUAGE. IE ENGLISH.STRING GERMAN.STRING ETC. SoA 2 will work ONLY on SotSE: Entrenchmentversion 1.051 Go to the mod directory of SotSE: Entrenchment. The sins mod folder locations are: (You may have to change your folder settings to show hidden files, and folders in your window options) For Windows XP users: C:\Documents and Settings"your user name" \local settings\ Application Data\Ironclad Games\ Sins of a solar empire\Mods-Entrenchment v1.051 NOTE: "Your User Name" is your windowsaccount name. Whatever administraitor user name you log into windows as. For Vista, and Windows 7 users: C:\Users"your user name"\AppData\Local\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire\Mods-Entrenchment v1.051 You found the right mod folder, right? Good. If not might i suggest taking some computer classes. Now create a new folder in Mods-Entrenchment v1.051 called "SoA 2". Then open the mods rar file(what you downloaded), Open the SoA_2_0.4.6.5e

folder inside it to show the folders "galaxy, gameinfo, mesh, textures, etc. etc". Select all from there, and drag it all into your newly created SoA 2 folder. Now inside the SoA 2 folder you should see the folders Galaxy, Gameinfo, Mesh, Textures, Etc. Along with the files "entity.manifest, playerpictures.manifest, skybox.manifest, Etc Etc. Ifyou see a folder called SoA_2_0.4e after extracting. Then you did something wrong. Yes, it would be simpler to just drag the SoA_2_0.4.6.5e folder into your mod folder, but there are too many computer "inepts" out there. We had too many instances of TWO soa2 folders being created. One inside of the other. I posted the "hard way" to avoid this from happening. Are you mad yet? GOOD. That means youare paying attention. Keep reading. Start SotSE: Entrenchment, Navigate to the Options\Mods screen, You should see "SoA 2" on the list of mods. Select "SoA 2", and enable the mod. The game will pause for a bit while the mod loads. When the mod is loaded you should see a nice LCARs UI. Set up a game like any normal sins game, and enjoy. Entrenchment keeps mods enabled untill you disable themmanually. So SoA 2 will run every time you start Entrenchment untill you disable it. For best results run the mod on a CLEAN install of Sins with no other mods active. Download the latest version of Sins, and Expansions via Impulse. (Entrenchment v1.051 as of this mod version) The SoA 2 series, and greater will work ONLY on Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment. Patched to version 1.041+. Yes ialready stated that above. I am stating it AGAIN to make sure you are reading this. We have had one too many people asking "what version is this mod for?", because they dont bother to read the README. NOTE: All SoA 2 mod support for previous versions of SotSE ceased. We do not have the manpower, or time to convert mods for every new Sins patch, or Expansion that is released. So once SotSE:...
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