Sobre el bullying

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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2012
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Is any form of psychological abuse, verbal or physical occurred between school repeatedly over a given time. Statistically, the dominant typeof violence is emotional and mainly occurs in the classroom and the school yard. The protagonists of cases of bullying are often children in the process ofentry into adolescence (12-13 years), but a greater percentage of girls in the profile of victims.

Bullying is kind of torture, methodical and systematic, whichjoin the aggressor the victim, often with silence, indifference or complicity of other students.

  This type of school violence is characterized thereforeby a reiteration designed to achieve the intimidation of the victim, involving an abuse of power as is exercised by a stronger aggressor (whether real orperceived strength is subjectively) than that . The subject is abused thus exposed physically and emotionally abusive to the subject, generating as a result anumber of psychological effects (although these are not part of the diagnosis), but it is common for the embattled living terrified by the idea of ​​attending theschool and display very nervous, sad and lonely in their daily lives. In some cases, the severity of the situation could have thoughts about suicide or even tomaterialize, actual consequences of harassment of people regardless of age.

Comment: That although there are children who have committed suicide, not onlychildren but also adults, people should understand that we have different tastes so we are not the same color, you have to respect us, no one is perfect.
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