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Coaching Handbook


Thank you for volunteering to coach on behalf of the Longmeadow Soccer Association (LSA). We appreciate your time and commitment. If at any time, you have questions or concerns, we invite you to contact the LSA board via our website: The LSA is affiliated with the Pioneer Valley Junior Soccer League (PVJSL) and the Massachusetts YouthSoccer Association (MYSA) and operates in accordance with their respective rules and regulations. Again, thank you and have a fun season!

LSA Board

2010 Board of Directors
President Donna Durocher Co - Vice Presidents In-Town Michael D’Angelo John Moutafis Co - Vice Presidents Travel Jeff Davis Al Herringshaw

Treasurer Vanessa Yam

Board Members Kim Burns Tony Caputo Amy Correira JoeD’Agostino Terry Ditmar Kara Eagan Dave Echeverria Steve Ehrenberg Mark Fydenkevez Leo Judge Mia Nolan Mary Pat O’Connor Alberto Perez-Gelinas David Roffo Pam Roumeliotis Vic Thomas

Mission Statement
The purpose of this Association shall be to develop, promote and administer the game of soccer among players within the town of Longmeadow, MA. It shall do so by providing a positive athleticexperience, teaching cooperation and teamwork, and improving the individual skills of the players. Our philosophy focuses on mastery of skills over winning, effort over outcome.

Zero Tolerance Policy
Any participant, including but not limited to parents, children, coaches, board members, volunteers and fans in the LSA program who are abusive (verbally or physically) toward any person including, butnot limited to opposing teams, parents, coaches, referees, players, spectators, etc. will be suspended. Suspended means that said person may not attend any LSA soccer games or sponsored functions, including practices. Suspended parents will still be required to drop off and pick up children for practices and on game day. Offenses will be determined by the LSA Board of Directors in a very timelymanner. First Offense – Two (2) week suspension. This step may be skipped in the case of physical abuse or severe verbal abuse. Second Offense – Suspension for the remainder of the season. This is dependent upon the number of games remaining in season. Sanctions could be enforced into following season. Third Offense – Suspended indefinitely (if you are suspended for life you may be ineligible toparticipate in any future LSA activities).

Care and Prevention
Always err on the side of caution! Each team should have a First Aid kit that includes but is not limited to: - Player Registration Form - name of player - home telephone/emergency contact if parent unavailable - emergency medical release signed by parents - any allergies to medicines or treatments, stings or bits - current medication(please add information to form) - Emergency Numbers - police, hospital, ambulance and fire (call 911) - First Aid Supplies - Plastic bags and ties for ice, ice in cooler, tape, band aids, scissors, - Antiseptic, sterile pads, towelettes, gauze pads, Ace wrap and - First Aid cream Prevention should be our first concern. - Warm up by stretching. Be aware of the fitness of your players. - Prohibitnon-acceptable activity or behavior (Dangerous “horseplay”) - Check equipment: - properly fitting shoes, etc. - shin guards mandatory for training and games - NO jewelry or non-prescription glasses - Players should bring their own water bottles. Sharing can spread colds, etc. - Give ample breaks for the players to rest and get a drink. - Keep training times away from the period in the day of high heatand humidity. Please inform the parents as soon as possible, if a player is injured. If the parents are not at the game, follow up with a phone call of what took place. It is recommended that if the player has to go to the doctor, the coach should request a written permission slip for the player to return to activity.

Code of Conduct
Soccer is a game for fun : for players, coaches,...
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