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Name: Cristina Viteri
Level: III
Are social networking websites harmful or beneficial for users and society in general? Why? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Social networking websites are harmful because people waste time, exhibit their lives, and are part of a millionaire business.
* Wasting time
1. When people are working.
2. When people have tostudy.
3. On the contrary to practice sport and spend time with their families.
* Exhibiting their lives
1. Bringing about crimes.
2. Causing problems at people’s jobs.
3. Bringing about relationship problems.
* Being part of a millionaire business.
1. Inappropriate advertising.
2. People can spend their money on unnecessary activities. (Games, virtual presents)
3. Working without asalary for this huge business. (Sending invitations to friends)

Social Networking Websites are Harmful for Users
Introductory Paragraph
What is the way to know everything about a person and have complete access to his private life? This tool is social networking websites. The website Medellin Digital states that they were born in the last half of the 90’s, and the website Suite101 statesthat the first social networking websites that became very popular was created on websites like Yahoo and Hotmail. Although social networking websites was developed to join people with similar interests and ways of thinking, they have turned into a dangerous and unreliable way in which people show their lives and personal information to the world. Social networking websites are harmful becauseusers waste time, exhibit their lives, and are part of a millionaire business.
First Body Paragraph
First, wasting time on social networking websites is very damaging for users. To begin, although people know that they must go to their jobs to work, they spend a lot of job time on networking social websites. In fact, even though bosses control the use of social networking websites at workwith special computer programs to avoid them, employees find the way to have access again, and there are many websites that help them to get their goal, so they are less productive at work. In addition, students usually waste their time on networking social websites. In particular, the website Vanguardia states that Facebook has many disadvantages on children’s education because they can not payattention to their studies when they waste much time on networking social websites, and also Facebook can harm children’s emotional development.Finally, people prefer to waste time on networking social websites than share and talk with their families. For example, many teenagers do not like to speak with their parents about their feelings, but they do not have any problem to publish them on anetworking social website. In brief, users usually waste much productive time on networking social websites, and this is a disadvantage for their personal development.
Second Body Paragraph
Secondly, it is harmful for users when they exhibit their lives on networking social websites. People usually give many details of their lives on these websites, and it can be dangerous because criminals canknow everything about their victims and establish relationships with them. In particular, the website Milenio states that an Australian young girl died because she went to a meeting with two gays that she met at Facebook, but she never came back. Days later, the police found her dead.Moreover, when people give many personal details on networking social websites, they can have problems anddisadvantages at jobs. In fact, nowadays, many employers check Facebook before they hire new employees in order to know what kind of life has an applicant, so employers can know how responsible and mature a person is. Furthermore, exhibiting personal information on networking social websites can bring about relationship problems. For example, many couples often fight because they watch on these websites...
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