Social networks and their influence on society

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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Social networks are a form of social interaction, and can be defined as a dynamic exchange between individuals, groups and institutions. If youinteract on a social network, whatever it's called (facebook, hi5, Sonic, MySpace, Metroflog, Taringa, Tuenti, etc.), ask yourself ¿how much occupied in their daily life, take a look or spend a verygood time enjoying to your profile or that of others?. The theme in this exposure is the influence of Internet social networks in children and adolescents can not be denied that a network has itspositive values seen with the naked eye, and are that:
➢ Help the affirmation of the child or young person within a group. Social feeling is one of the fundamental parts of human development.
➢I can learn about different alternative views to their own, proving that not all environments are equal in the world.
➢ Can be a great way to see tasks, conduct research, askfor advice about a specific topic that needs further clarification.
➢ In many cases, help to maintain permanent contact with the inner circle (family and closest friends), especially if they are away.Social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Hotmail, etc. are very popular among children, youth and adults, meet people online is one of the many entertainments that these sites have to offer.

For many entering a network is very entertaining, but not everything is fun, the abuse of these can cause startling changes in the brains of users and reduce lapses inconcentration, encourage instant gratification and become more self-centered. The long-term negative consequences that could be generated if not given proper use are the next:
➢The constant interaction of these networks can gradually remove a small or boy of their relationships in the outside world.
➢ Anchored to the above, there are many cases of demonstrations of apathy, lack of...